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Growing food is not something I would normally do but the opportunity presented itself in Spring.  I wanted to add a couple fruit trees to the property so planted an apple and a quince in the area I now call The Farm.  This is the same area where I discarded some pumpkin’s I had used in décor and the seeds actually started growing… volunteers!  Then when I attended the Northwest garden show I picked up some seeds from uprising seeds

Growing food takes lots of attention, water and maintenance to get it right. You have to admire those who grow our food.

The Farm has made for some good meals, good watercolor subjects and lots of good conversation.

Broken Windmill

Instructor Shari Blaukopf offered a watercolor lesson at the Pointe-Claire Windmill

The mill lost a wing in a recent wind storm, but it remains a charming site with some good challenges for watercolor sketching.


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