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Flamingo Fancy Colors

This week was my final bird painting class for awhile. The subject was the flamingo and the colors used all have fancy names so in addition to the watercolor sketches we have some color information.

Flamingo palette


Cadmium,  which has had some controversy lately

Wrapping up my Flamingo studies, both on hot press smooth finish paper





More Practice Needed

Color value and washes are key to watercolor and these two bird subjects have been a challenge on both fronts.

The Cardinal: Exploring reds was fun while painting this intensely colored birds. We learned about layering colors to achieve intensity and shape.

I remember the color from the first time I saw a Cardinal in person, the bright little bird was not to be missed as it was jumping around in the bare trees. For this painting the subjects were in photos.

The Mallard: We all know this common duck and the distinctive markings of the male – iridescent green head,  neck ring and blue patch of feathers. Getting those features into a watercolor and keeping the vibrancy was the challenge.


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Color of a Crow

In our class this past Saturday we learned to layer colors to achieve a dark color bird without using all black washes.

Our Crow Model

This crow starts with Cobalt, Ultramarine and Quinacrodone Violet. Finished with Joe Z Warm.

This following crow started with Prussian Blue and Lavender

A Cormorant for practice

A crow sketch from photo



Birds Continued

Capturing gestures and coloring wraps up October. Class continues in November with move advanced techniques.

Stellars Jay

Great Blue Heron

Mourning Dove