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Color week four

Indanthrone is a warm blue with a nice range from very deep blackish blue to a washed denim tone. I have recently added this colour to my stash. The colour was discovered in 1901 as a vat dye. The etymology for Indanthrone probably originates from the scientific vocabulary, German indanthrene + English one *

Here you can see my use of Indanthrone PB60 from Daniel Smith in this giant wave, in a landscape as snow shadows and as mixed.


Snow without the fuss

There was a forecast of snow for this week so I made the best of it by learning a few snow painting techniques in watercolor.

It’s all about the blue shadows.


Color Week three – 52 weeks of color exploration

On my paint palette I like the colour lavender from Daniel Smith for sky tones, it is especially nice with the cloudy greys of the Pacific Northwest. A little lavender also tones down many floral colors by adding a dusty value.

Lavender the word is generally believed to be derived from old French and Latin lavandre / lavare ‘to wash’ referring to the use of infusions for washing. However the name may actually be derived from Latin livere which means ‘bluish’ .

There is also the symbolism of lavender flowers. Lavender is used to symbolize the purity of Virgin Mary, in the European middle ages lavender was used to express love and in Victorian times purple hued blooms signified devotion. Oscar Wilde was famous for wearing lavender pants as a part of his iconic style.


Elusive Clouds in Watercolor

Last week I started a 4 week class with Cynthia Armstrong – Seascapes! First lesson – CLOUDS. We were shown a demo and a few techniques for capturing cloud shapes and now practice, practice, practice. Here are the first attempts with lofty hopes of improvement.