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The Colors of Plum Jam

Fresh plums & three jams

Color week 33 features the color mixes for ‘Plum Jam’. It is jam making season and here we have 3 jams with distinct colors along with distinct [and delicious] flavors. Mixing the colors included a base jam tone and building from that base, much like making the jam itself.

An ‘Explorer’s Grid’ makes a nice presentation of the color week analysis

The grid comes from my wonderful class with Jean Mackay via Winslow Art. After the class I purchased a copy of her book that includes many of her basic class lessons The Nature Explorer’s Sketchbook

I took a little time to research the Plum.

The plum is botanically known as a drupe, meaning its fleshy fruit surrounds a single hard seed, a smooth stone (or pit). The fruit has a groove running down one side from top to bottom.


There are so many other interesting uses for this red plum including plum shrub and plum fruit leather.

This was a fun and tasty color week!

End of Season Golds

Goats Beard

Color Week 32 captures the colors of the end-of-season seed pods. The early flowering alliums, the tall grass and drying seed pods are giving us signs that the flowering season is ending in the Pacific Northwest.

Yellow Ochre. Quinacrodone Deep Gold. Raw Umber. Naples Yellow.

watercolor choices
giant allium
June to End of August transition

Color Advice

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Florence / oyster shells

Recently I have been following Annie Sloan to learn more about her color background and training. Sloan uses bold color on home furnishing in ways that do not seem out of place. Recently a story she posted caused me to go out and purchase 2 new chalk paint colors … I never imagined I would like!

My color additions- Florence & Antibes Green

This Q&A from an interview with Flower magazine is telling of Annie’s personality and such good advice… color is therapeutic.

Full interview at https://flowermag.com/bold-strokes-annie-sloan/

Drawn To Class

To keep up with daily sketching means that ‘every day’ I need to put something on the page. Some sketches take a couple minutes, a ‘sketchbook’ entry typically takes 45-50 minutes and a botanical drawing can take many hours. So I’m always looking for new ways to fill the page of my ‘daily sketchbook’.

When I discovered Jean Mackay on Winslow Art and her Instagram she looked like she offered me some new ideas and techniques to fill my daily sketchbook. So TRUE. Jean put us through a month of weekly class demos with suggested assignments. The participants were also inspiring as we posted/shared weekly. Here is a collection of my work from the class and a link to the instructors site. I am hoping to take another class from her soon.

sketch practice before & in class

All work completed in stillman & birn zeta series bound sketchbook