Hat Making Lesson Four


Finished hat. Photo taken in light box.
Finished hat.



We made a 2 piece lining to fit the crown by cutting a top piece and a bias strip for the side band. I used a scarf as my fabric and added light weight interfacing on the top piece to help the lining stay in place.

The center front and back were marked, the band pinned to the crown and machine stitched.

Izzie suggested that I leave the scarf border showing on the band … its a nice touch and adds a personal touch.

The lining is placed in the hat [ aligning center front & back] and pushed up to fit into the crown, holding it in place.  The band edge is pinned just inside the head size and whip stitched into place.


To finish the headsize we used cotton / rayon gros grain cut to about 25″.

At the iron fold one end over 1/4″ and press.  Arch the gros grain using the hot iron.

Pin in place [smaller ark goes up], whip stitch and lap the folded over edge over the raw edge to finish.


Prior to class I made up a couple different trims and settled on this one.

Hat trim detail. Photo taken in light box with Nikon
Hat trim detail. Photo taken in light box with Nikon









A great class with Izzie Lewis, many new skills and a fabulous hat…


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