More Practice Needed

Color value and washes are key to watercolor and these two bird subjects have been a challenge on both fronts.

The Cardinal: Exploring reds was fun while painting this intensely colored birds. We learned about layering colors to achieve intensity and shape.

I remember the color from the first time I saw a Cardinal in person, the bright little bird was not to be missed as it was jumping around in the bare trees. For this painting the subjects were in photos.

The Mallard: We all know this common duck and the distinctive markings of the male – iridescent green head,  neck ring and blue patch of feathers. Getting those features into a watercolor and keeping the vibrancy was the challenge.


4 responses to “More Practice Needed”

  1. I truly missed seeing Robins when I was in Southern California and now I have Robins and Cardinals! Hope all is going well with you and yours – have you made anymore changes to your beautiful new home? Have you planted anything in your garden for the winter?
    Everyone here plants Winter Flowers in October and November and they continue growing and blooming through the winter months, -you and I would call them Pansy’s!! My raised planter box is full of them right now and I have planted some miniature daffodil bulbs and another small blue and white Spring flower I can’t remember the name of!

    1. Ha pansies are a tough little plant! I have rearranged some of my plants and put in some bulbs for next year. I have not cut back the perennials so the winter garden has some interest and the birds like it also.

  2. Beautiful work as alway Mary! I had never seen a real Cardinal until I visited Eileen here in Tennessee and now I see them right off my patio in the Spring and Summer!

    1. Thanks. You are so lucky to see them every day, they are beautiful. I saw my first Cardinal when I was touring in the south.

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