Color week 9

On a rainy day the large bright bill of the male Surf Scoter deserves attention. Is that Pyrrole Orange (top) or Transparent Orange?

Surf Scoter
Pyrrole orange (top) Transparent Orange (bottom)

Pyrrole Orange [Daniel Smith PO73] wins.

unforgettable semi-transparent/semi-opaque orange is a smooth, saturated and pure addition to the watercolorist’s palette. 

Daniel Smith

Pyrrole is an organic compound that defines the ingredients and characteristics of the color. The name Orange for the color was defined in the 16th century, prior to that it was known a yellow-red.

The color we know as orange was referred to in Old English as “geoluhread,” which means yellow-red. The word “orange” was adopted after the eponymous fruit was introduced to English via the Spanish word naranja, which came from the Sanskrit word nāraṅga. 

pigments thru the ages

And for fun here are surf scoters in action, diving for mussels and clams, Hood Canal Washington.

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