Color Wheel

My watercolor palette as a color wheel

Color Week 19 brings us the color wheel. The typical color wheel is a circular display of 12 hues of color arranged according to their relationship to one another. The artists color wheel is comprised using the

-Primary colors of Yellow, Red, and Blue

– Secondary colors of Orange, Violet and Geen

Anyone who works in a hobby that includes color has given some thought to color combinations. Do you know who is credited with the first color wheel? That and more color wheel history is here in a color lovers blogpost.

A watercolor color wheel is an important 1st step towards understanding mixing. I would encourage everyone to make their own version not only for the sheer pleasure of it but also because they are very useful guides to color mixing. (… and by using the colors on your palette it will make color mixing intuitive as you paint.)

Here is a handy blog with watercolor color wheel instructions and a template

A color wheel from my May garden … and a walk on the beach
  • Red Ranuculus
  • Yellow Ranuculus
  • Blue Mussel
  • Orange Wallflower
  • Green Thyme
  • Violet Bearded Iris

The practice of identifying warm color vs cool color will be another week … when i figure out how to explain it!

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