CORAL watercolor

Quinacrodone Coral

Color Week 22 welcomes Coral. Coral is a blend of Orange and Pink and is named from the marine intervertebrae, specifically the Pink/ Orange skeleton of precious coral.

When visiting Perdido Beach near Pensacola Florida I would always walk the beach in the morning. One day I stopped a fellow beach walker who was walking slowly and examining the small shells and debris that had washed up with the waves. When I asked her what she was finding she showed me tiny coral fragments… so it became my challenge also to find some coral fragments.

Perdido Beach coral fragments

The Coral fragments I found were were pale burnt sienna in tone. The color this week as shown in watercolor is fashioned after the vibrant live coral [that grows in many vibrant colors]. Percious red coral has been traded and worn for protection since ancient times. Coral was chosen as the Pantone color of the year 2019. Here is a nice post on the history of coral jewelry.

CORAL is a warm color that looks terrific in the bright daylight.

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