Color Week 25

Cherries in dry brush watercolor

This week we are exploring the colors and technique of my recent class ‘Cherries in Dry Brush Watercolor’ by excellent artist and instructor Carrie Di Costanzo.

My logic for enrolling in a watercolor class that is truly the anthesis of my personal sketching style was twofold- it’s a standard in botanical illustration and its a good technique to use when you need to slow down and study the light. This was my first try with this method so the dry brush technique is explained here by a botanical artist.

This was a 5 hour online class with demos, sharing of work and excellent feedback. Carrie had us start by identifying and mixing colors for the following phases of the painting:

  • Local color
  • Reflected light
  • Dark value
  • Stem
  • Light side of Cherry, stem

The following shows a progression of my phases of painting and colors selected

You lost your reflective edges! You painted over them instead of painting up to them.

my self tutoring voice
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