Vera Neumann Inspired

For the month of July my weekly color posting will be inspired by Vera Neumann. She was simply known as Vera, her iconic name was on all her boldly-colored scarves and cheery home furnishings. You could often tell it was a Vera before seeing the name. There are many online sources for her history & identifying her vinage goods. I especially like this blog about collecting her scarves.

My plan is to explore her work and to use that inspiration for my daily sketch practice. Starting with her florals in this Color Week 26.

I get inspired from my garden. I can’t understand it when people say you can’t mix and match certain colors when, after all, nature itself puts them together in such beautiful ways

vera neumann

Vera put her interpretations of garden flowers on scarves, her early scarves were covered with somewhat traditional floral forms and later the florals became bright geometric forms. Vera made some of her earliest scarves using surplus parachute fabric, a leftover from WWII reference from Vera Textiles / Michalets

Personal scarf collection

I have used my own garden flowers and a small collection of floral scarves for sketching this week. Hoping to capture some of that wonderful ‘Vera floral style’ in my work.

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