Vera Neumann Geometrics

My collection

Vera was encouraged to be artistic. Her father would pay her fifty cents to fill a sketchbook! She went to Cooper-Union and the Traphagen School of Design and gravitated toward textile design.

Design Sponge

Color Week 27 and we are exploring the ‘geometrics’ of Vera scarves. Vera used bold color and what better way to introduce innovative color combinations than in geometrics. Circles, triangles and swirls of color typified her geometric design scarves and in my opinion translate easily to the silk screen process which she used to print the scarves.

I read that Vera put a sun in each of her collections … something to look for!

This week I have sketched five of her bold geometric scarf designs. Trying to capture her energy and her esthetic. I think i like the blue with blue circles best.

Heres my sketch pad, it was fun!

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