The Colors of Plum Jam

Fresh plums & three jams

Color week 33 features the color mixes for ‘Plum Jam’. It is jam making season and here we have 3 jams with distinct colors along with distinct [and delicious] flavors. Mixing the colors included a base jam tone and building from that base, much like making the jam itself.

An ‘Explorer’s Grid’ makes a nice presentation of the color week analysis

The grid comes from my wonderful class with Jean Mackay via Winslow Art. After the class I purchased a copy of her book that includes many of her basic class lessons The Nature Explorer’s Sketchbook

I took a little time to research the Plum.

The plum is botanically known as a drupe, meaning its fleshy fruit surrounds a single hard seed, a smooth stone (or pit). The fruit has a groove running down one side from top to bottom.

There are so many other interesting uses for this red plum including plum shrub and plum fruit leather.

This was a fun and tasty color week!

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