Hue Strings

Hue Strings

Keeping it simple… Color Week 41 explores ‘Hue Strings’. An example of a hue string is shown below for cobalt blue gouache. This string is pure color + white. The exercise is to develop skill in mixing and in recognizing small changes in value. So we create lots of strings!

Cobalt Blue

Color is inseparable of it’s context

Color + White
Mixed color no white, no black
Mixed color + white

Below is a monochromatic sketch using Napthol Red. This starts to show how value changes work in relation to surrounding color. The gray scale version helps to determine if the sketch ‘works’.

box in bright light

Naphthol Red was patented as a pigment in 1899. Napthol Red is a primary red with a clean, intense value. Here a monochromatic chart using Napthol Red.

Color Theory Talk

  • Tint = color + white
  • Tone = color + gray
  • Shade = color + black
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