Color Influence

Recently I was chatting with a friend about this blog, posting every week about color. Here we are at Color Week 47. She was remembering that I had given her color cards and a book to help her monitor her moods… WHAT? That was probably 25 years ago, and she was in a stressful position as a CFO / Chief Financial Officer, so color therapy was relaxation for her. I was impressed that she remembered so I looked through my library for the little paperback book and cards, but I must have tossed it out.

With a little searching online, I can see that ‘Colorstrology’ continues to be influential and there is a ‘birthday color’ associated with each month. Since this is my birthday month what a good idea to look that up.

A birth color is described as honoring the essence of an individual. Here is the list of colors…seems to be fairly general and all encompassing:

  • January – Orange, Yellow, Red
  • February – Pink, Blue, Green
  • March – Aqua, Lime, Black, Purple
  • April – Navy, Silver, White
  • May – Blue, Gold, Cream
  • June – Cream, Gray, Maroon, Red
  • July – Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink
  • August – Blue, Green, Aqua
  • September – Aqua, Lime, Olive, Purple
  • October – Purple, Navy, Silver, White
  • November – White, Gold, Cream
  • December – Cream, Gray, Maroon, Teal

your birth color is meant to be a positive influence and should be incorporated into your daily routine

I am all for that, we need more ways to use color. Here is an interview with Michele Bernhardt where she makes the case for her Colorstrology.

Color Therapy is not new. Many different civilizations throughout history experimented with color therapy. Egyptian mythology accords the founding of color therapy to the God Thoth, and the Greeks built temples devoted to color, mainly for healing purposes. Aristotle conducted some of the earliest studies of color, discovering that two colors mixed together could create a third color. In early India, the ancients practiced the tradition of ‘Ayurveda’ a form of color therapy.

So much to learn about color.

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