Color of Food

Recently I heard Sanjay Gupta MD talking about his book Keep Sharp Build a Better Brain at Any Age so I put a copy in my audible library and started to listen this week. Gupta narrates his book and in Chapter 7 ‘Food for Thought’ he mentions ‘color’ … the color of food. His statement was ‘quick, can you name 7 different color fresh foods?’

As I have a curiosity about color for this weekly post, he got my attention. I went to the fridge to see how many colors of fresh food were on hand …

Eating 7 different color fresh foods every day will provide all you need in macro and micro nutrients for better brain health.

Sanjay Gupta MD

Then I went to my sketching archives and pulled together a collection of fresh foods I have sketched recently.

ENJOY the many colors of fresh food, it’s good for the brain!

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