Green Birds

Alex Lamoreaux Macaulay Library

I am back in a Winslow Art Center online class – Birds! Delving Deeper with Ian de Hoog. We are focusing on green birds and mixing beautiful and illusive green hues.

Our green bird this week is the Violet-Green Swallow – a small sleek bird with long pointed wings and slightly forked tails.

  • Length 4.7 inches/ 12 cm
  • Weight 0.5 ounce/ 14 g
  • Wingspan 10.6 inches/ 27 cm

Color direct from tube

The scientific name for Violet-green Swallow is Tachycineta thalassinaTachycineta means fast moving and thalassina means of the sea referring to the sea-green color of their backs.

All About Birds
Color swatches and sketches from class

For more info on this bird, my favorite bird directory site – All About Birds

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