Textile Tales to Know

This week I want to share some intriguing sites that explore the history of textiles, [accented by my doodling]. Cloth, textiles, yarn, trims, ribbons and their makers are all included in the fascinating stories of textile tales told by two very talented and enthusiastic textile researchers: Rebecca Devaney and Jo Andrews.

Textile Tales from Paris, a series of talks that tell the fascinating story of how Paris became the capital of luxury textiles and fashion.

Rebecca Devaney

Rebecca Devaney brings her talent as a textile artist and researcher to every online presentation of Textile Tales from Paris. She unravels the stories behind haute couture, shares the details of craftspeople and puts fashion into history with her inspired knowledge of literature, the female experience and her professional training. I have been entranced by her story telling and after each presentation dive into research of my own.


Haptic & Hue explores the way in which cloth speaks to us and the impact it has on our lives.

Jo Andrews, a weaver of stories and cloth

Jo Andrews is the host of Haptic & Hue Podcast and has introduced an online Bookshop specializing in textile titles. I have started to listen to the podcast archive on the Haptic & Hue website where there are many accompanying photos. Her podcasts are also available on podcast players – I listen on Audible. Her stories are fascinating with excellent research and resources. You can see my doodling below while listening to episodes about Lyon the City of Silk, Paisley Shawls and the story of Samplers made at an orphanage.

Textiles have an incredible power to talk to us if we can hear them. They comfort and console us, create memories, define who we are and what we might believe in. Textiles are a detective story you can hold. Haptic and Hue’s Tales of Textiles, hosted by handweaver, Jo Andrews, are an invitation to explore a world of colour and touch.

Haptic & Hue

My doodles while developing ‘textile literacy’ with Rebecca and Jo

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  1. Thank you for posting this lovely blog Mary, I appreciate it, the podcasts are great fun to make and I am on a path of exploration as much as everyone else, I’m delighted to share that with everyone else.

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