Birds Eye

I am back in class with Ian de Hoog painting birds, specifically Shore Birds. I have found that Ian’s unrelenting focus in his bird painting process – on the bird head and specifically the birds ‘eye’ makes this class a wonderful learning platform for watercolor techniques.

  • Play with colors before you start – look for balance in your choices – warm/cool – create a palette
  • Detail and color intensity guide the viewers eye – to the bird’s head in these paintings
  • Less important areas hold less detail and color value – including washes, glazing and water droplets for texture
  • The focus areas are worked to perfection – for birds – this includes the shape of the head, the eyes and beak

Here are my results from our first two classes

Killdeer (on Arches Rough Cold Press #140)

Colors include Daniel Smith Neutral Tint, Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Sepia

Yellow Crowned Night Heron (on Cranson Cold Press #140)

Colors include Daniel Smith Joe Z Cool Black, Yellow Ochre

You can find Ian de Hoog on Instagram and he typically has classes at Winslow Art Center

Pages from my sketching notebook (7.5″ Square Stillman & Birn Zeta series):

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