Improving Perspective

My plan is to improve my skills in capturing perspective in my sketches. Perspective applies to structures and landscapes as well as a vase on the table or a quick sketch of a plant. With better skills I can quickly make a sketch and get it looking proper from the start.

I am working through a self-directed series ‘Buildings’ with Liz Steel. Lots of fun exercises to study buildings. She starts with simply learning to look at shapes and edges – I have started with photos and moved to outdoor locations for the exercise sketches.

I also enrolled in a class to learn the technical aspects of perspective with Carolyn Lord. Straight measured lines are not my strong suit, so this is a great series of lessons for me. Carolyn is a very good instructor and gives very helpful feedback. The class is through my favorite online art place Winslow Art Center – Perspective Drawing for Artists – instructor Carolyn Lord.

We start with learning the vocabulary [a, aa, b, bb …] and learning to use our ‘held up pencil’ to measure and capture the lengths and angles.

I did diverge into sketching some teacups with Liz Steel…

2 responses to “Improving Perspective”

  1. Your drawings are always amazing Mary – continuing education keeps our brains working at full capacity!

    1. Thanks, I am taking some new classes this year so the brain is going to get a workout!

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