WordPrompt April GREEN

For someone who blogs about color each week I welcome ‘Green’ as the WordPress monthly prompt. For those who are not WordPress publishers the monthly prompt challenge is to help writers with a creative topic, a ‘monthly word to inspire a new post whatever you publish’. Recently I have participated in online classes offered by WordPress. They offer good website and blogging insights and typically it’s not to overly technical. So here is my first WordPress monthly WordPrompt post – Green.

A Green Watercolor Retrospective

Green as a watercolor hue can come in a tube premixed or can be mixed on the palette. Below is a collection of Green watercolor sketches from past posts, introduced with a little history of ‘green’…

  • the color green has existed for thousands of years as a symbol of life itself
  • creating a green watercolor paint was a challenge since early green paints turned black over time – due to being developed from plants or minerals
  • wearing green was a status symbol in the middles ages – Green was worn by merchants, bankers and the gentry, examples are Arnolfini Wedding c1435 and the Mona Lisa is wearing a green dress c1500
  • Shakespeare made green a color of jealousy; the toxic elements of arsenic green was unknown to the Victorians; the Wicked Witch of the West is green…
  • FACINATING how one color can bring to mind such a variety of emotions and history… #WordPrompt GREEN

Here are a few links for color green emersion:

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