Around The Table

Around The Table

The Art of Painting Food is a class I recently completed with Jane Barton.  Barton took us through sketchbook exercises to examine our food likes/dislikes, a favorite memory of food and we took a dive into food archeology. Great class with fellow food sketchers!

Here is a fun color wheel from my liquor cabinet…now for the cocktails!

Colour is the single most important sensory cue when it comes to setting people’s expectations regarding the likely taste and flavour of food and drink.

On the psychological impact of food colour
Charles Spence

Food memories are often very strong reminders of friends, family, places and experiences.  Barton helped to bring out great memories and creativity in the class, here are my sketchbook pages.

A dive into the history of tonic water – gin & tonic
Cardamom a favorite spice
Memory of a delicious savory crepe & cider in Brittany

I hope this sparked a favorite food memory for you!

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