Getting Started

When starting the watercolor sketch for this post it was to explore the three watercolors that made it onto my palette when I first started watercolor. The plant I chose to sketch is – Akebia quinata or 5-Leaf Vine. Synchronicity set in … it was 5 years ago that I took my first ‘encore’ / post work-career sketching/ watercolor class! That is a milestone to celebrate with a retro view of work from instructor classes and field sketching with friends.

Today’s sketch using 3 favorite watercolors – They mix so nicely, Sap Green. New Gamboge. Permanent Magenta.

I knew very little about watercolor when I chose these colors as favorites 5 years ago. I had started to read up on watercolor and made a visit to the Daniel Smith store where everything was waiting for me to make the dive!

My classes started with Lisa Snow Lady at Center for Urban Horticulture, then on to botanical drawing with Kathleen McKeenan (she let us add color once we mastered the drawing). Architecture was a favorite subject so classes with Stephanie Bower to learn perspective and she introduced me to Urban Sketchers. Travel sketching and botanical studies filled my calendar. When we could not travel Winslow Art Center online classes filled the days including with Jean Mackay, Ian de Hoog, Dorota Haber-Leigh, Cynthia Armstrong, Jane Barton, Yong Hong Zhoug and others. Each was an inspiration, introduced new techniques, colors and informed my style. My interest in color evolved concurrently and prompted the start of this blog

So, my style has developed in a path similar to the Akebia which I painted today – twisting, reaching and finding a way around the garden and sometimes reaching over the wall for a new bit of inspiration. Enjoy this glimpse back.

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